Montserratians elect new government

Montserrat’s main opposition Movement for Change and Prosperity (MCAP) won Monday’s general elections, taking five of the nine seats at stake, according to preliminary results issued by election officials.

The incumbent People’s Democratic Movement (PDM) won three seats, with the other going to outgoing Premier Mr Donaldson Romeo who ran as an independent candidate after losing the leadership of his party on the eve of the elections.

Leader of the victorious Movement for Change and Prosperity Mr. Easton Taylor-Farrell

MCAP was led in the elections by former Agriculture Minister Easton Taylor-Farrell who received the third highest number of votes cast. Under the election rules the island is a single nine-member constituency, with voters able to vote for up to nine candidates on their ballot paper.

There was a 62 percent voter turn-out from among the 3,858  registered voters.

See full preliminary results:  Montserrat Elections Results



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