Number of Households by type of Dwelling

Number of Households by type of Dwelling

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The household is defined as follows: (a) a one-person household, defined as an arrangement in which one person makes provisions for his or her own food or other essentials for living without combining with any other person to form part of a multi-person household; and (b) a multi-person household, defined as a group of two or more persons living together and who make common provisions for food or other essentials for living. The persons in the group may pool their incomes and have a common budget. They may be related or unrelated or a combination of both related and unrelated. (Please refer to the United Nations Principles and Recommendations for Population and Housing Censuses, Revision 1 (1998).)

A conventional dwelling is a room or suite of rooms and its accessories in a permanent building or structurally separated part thereof which, by the way it has been built, rebuilt or converted, is intended for habitation by one household and is not, at the time of the census, used wholly for other purposes. It should have separate access to a street (direct or via a garden or grounds) or to a common space within the building (staircase, passage, gallery and so on). Examples of dwellings are houses, flats, suites of rooms, apartments and so forth. (Please refer to the United Nations Principles and Recommendations for Population and Housing Censuses, Revision 1 (1998) paras: 2.320-2.365.)
An Undivided Private House is a single dwelling unit, which takes up the whole building. It may be occupied by one or more households.
Part of a Private House occurs where the household occupies only a part of a private house and it may consist of one or more rooms.
Flat/Apartment/Condominium relates to self-contained dwellings in a single- or multi- storied building. Each such dwelling has separate and direct access to the street or a commercial staircase, passage, veranda, gallery or similar structure.
A Town House is similar to a flat, apartment or condominium except that the rooms are usually on two floors. It is a self-contained unit with separate legal title to ownership. Sometimes common facilities such as security and ground may be shared.
Double House/Duplex is a dwelling, which is joined to only one other dwelling, separated by a wall extending from ground to roof.
Combined Business and Dwelling: In this type of dwelling, the household occupies a part of the building for living purposes while the other parts are used for commercial purposes.
Barracks: This is a room or division in a long building containing several independent private dwellings, with or without shared facilities.
Other: This category is used for households living in a dwelling type not
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