Specific Objectives of the TWG National Accounts

Specific Objectives of the TWG National Accounts

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The Specific Operating Goals of the TWG in support of the Objectives are to:

i.Provide technical input into the execution of assessments on the current state of systems of statistics in National Accounts, Short Term Economic Indicators, International Trade in Services and Investment Statistics at the national level in each Member State to enable a clearer understanding on specific issues through the:

a.Analysing of the soundness of methodological approach to national accounting
estimation, short term economic indicators, international trade in services and
investment data compilation;

b.Identification of current available of experts in these areas;

c.Documenting of sources of data that are important in producing these

d.Engaging inter-agency collaboration for the production and
dissemination/submission of key indicators in these areas;

ii.Assist in the identification of strategies and facilitate the implementation of actions that will address data deficiencies, taking into consideration the RSWP, the minimum data set (core and encouraged) and statistics required by all collaborating institutions;

iii.Assist in the identification of technical assistance needs and matching them to the expertise available for submission to the attention of the Advisory Group on Statistics (AGS);

iv.Operate as a key technical resource in addressing any country-specific issue
in these areas;

v.Engage in practical research in the theoretical and methodological issues important to the diffusion of knowledge in these areas of statistics;

vi.Provide a forum at the national and regional level to facilitate the discussion of issues (compilation procedures, methodologies, best practices, etc.); and

vii.Propose ad hoc sub-groups necessary for work to be done in these critical areas of statistics and formulate/recommend the work to be executed by these subgroups of the TWGs, for endorsement by the AGS

Question: Are the specific objectives listed exhausive? if not, what additional objective should be included?:
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