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Core Fields Identified for Business Register Development

PostPosted: Tue May 03, 2011 1:05 pm
by zamani

At the second meeting of the Technical Working Group a list of core fields were identified to be included as part of the comment regional business register framework. Subsequently, the CARICOM Secretariat implemented a Consultancy to Support the Improvement of Basic Bata Production throughout the Region. A major component of the consultancy required that significant focus be placed on the state of business registers in the Region. Within the final report, the consultants provided recommendations for the improvement of business registers, including a list of fields that are considered vital to the development of an effective SBR.

The attached table compares the fields as developed by the TWG and that of the Improvement in Basic Data Production Consultants.

1. Are the field identified by the consultants adequate?
2. If not, what fields should be included and why?
3. Do you think some fields that were included by the TWG but excluded by the consultants are still relevant and as such should be included? Why?