CARICOM Regional Attachment Programme

CARICOM Regional Attachment Programme

Postby zamani » Tue May 03, 2011 11:00 am

As was agreed at the last TWG meeting and inline with the Regional Statistical Work Programme there is a need to develop a CARICOM Regional Attachment Programme.

Below is a suggested format for the Regional Attachment Programme. Let’s discuss.

•Develop a framework that can be used to accommodate all Member States

o Staff members from weaker NSO visiting stronger NSO for a set time period (establish timetable for visit)
o Staff member from strong NSO visiting weaker NSO to conduct training
o Cyber attachment; where each staff member from a weaker NSO is attached to an expert from a stronger
NSO via electronic media, telephones, etc. This attachment will be developed using the list of experts
by the Secretariat
o The most effective and efficient combination can be developed


• Develop a list of NSO’s strengths and identify key experts in Statistical offices
• Funding

Developing a Timetable

• Based on the needs identified by countries and the List of experts available.
• Developing synergies between strong and weak countries (attachment base on availability)
• Establish timelines in consultation with MS for attachments.

Evaluation System

•Develop a system of evaluation to assess the effectiveness of each attachment and to provide a source for continuous improvement

o Assessment based on each attachment
o Assessment on the effectiveness of the overall programme.


1. What are your views on each areas outlined?
2. Are you aware of any other functioning attachment programs?
3. What can we draw from existing programmes to improve the effectiveness of our programme?
4. How do we assess countries with strengths in a particular area(s)?
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