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Outputs from The first TWG meeting

PostPosted: Thu Jan 21, 2010 2:36 pm
by zamani
Dear Colleagues,

Attached are all the outputs of the First TWG meeting.

These outputs are:

    1. Draft Integrated Questionnaire

    2. Medium form of the Integrated Questionnaire (Barbados Example)

    3. Short Form of the Integrated Questionnaire (Trinidad and Tobago Example)

    4. Explanatory Notes for short form (Trinidad and Tobago Example)

    5. Draft Business Register Questionnaire

    6. Draft ISIC Classification Check List

    8. Draft Informal Sector Letter

    9. Draft Action Plan

Please peruse and submit your comments for the improvement of these documents on the CARICOM Statistics Helpdesk Discussion forum, such that these documents can be submitted to Member States for their comments before the next meeting tentatively set for march, 2010.

Also, members with outstanding outputs can please submit to the Statistical Sub-programme for inclusion in our discussions.

Thank You