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Number of Households by Type of Material Used for Roofing

PostPosted: Tue Jun 07, 2011 10:00 am
by fwiggins
Dear Colleagues,

Below is the concept and definition for the indicator Households by Type of Material Used for Roofing.

The type of material used for roofing refers to the construction material of the roof. Only the predominant material of the roof is enumerated.

Sheet metal: Zinc, aluminium galvanize or galvanize
Shingle: Asphalt
Shingle: Wood
Shingle – other: This includes fibreglass or any other type of shingle.
Tile: Concrete, clay and other tiles. This category includes “decramastic” and similar types of roofing tiles.
Concrete: Usually referred to as concrete slab.
Makeshift/Thatched: This includes any unconventional material used such as cardboard, the roofs of cars, etc.
Other: Any other material used not mentioned above.

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Thank You