Draft Core Sectors Trade in Services List

Draft Core Sectors Trade in Services List

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The draft core sectors trade in services list was revised under the Ninth European Development Fund (9th EDF) Project Trade in Services and Investment Statistics Consultancy. The original list identifying the core sectors for the Region was developed based on recommendations emanating from the CARICOM Advisory Group on Statistics (AGS).

Reason for highlighting specific Core Sectors

As indicated in the final report of the CARICOM Trade in Services Statistics Project which was executed in 2005, the sectors identified as core sectors for the Caribbean Community are of interest to decision makers for a variety of reasons including high export potential, current significance export earnings, employment generating capacity, importance in inter-regional trade, and as targets of liberalization in on-going trade negotiations.

Development of this Core Sectors List

The original list was presented at the Second Meeting of the CARICOM Technical Working Group (TWG) by the Consultant where it was agreed that this list would be revised taking into account more recently updated international classifications and manuals. This activity was also identified as one of the outputs to be completed as indicated in the Terms of Reference (TOR) of the consultant.

It was also agreed that the TWG members would review the proposed changes by the consultant and make recommendations, if any, before submitting to the AGS for approval.

This revision process was guided and informed by recommendations of the Manual on Statistics of International Trade in Services 2010 (MSITS 2010) Draft Unedited Version which is the most updated available version of the Manual and also by developments and emerging trends in the services sectors in the CARICOM Region as well as the Sixth Edition of the International Monetary Fund Balance of Payments and International Investment Position (PBM6).

Discussion Question

1. Is this Core List Adequate?
2. Are there any other service areas that should be included?
3. What are your general comments on the list are as outlined?
4. Do you see this list being expanded in the future and what areas do you think we should monitor for possible inclusion?
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